Race to the Bottom of the Sea3
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Race to the Bottom of the Sea3


The new Renaissance ...the Race will help end apathy ....Along with the Race will come GLOBAL INTEREST in the appearance of the ocean bottom. Video at the level of movies like the Abyss, Avatar, and the Planet Earth Series from the Discovery Channel, will bring enlightenment. The energy of the Race will drive the excitment much like the superbowl or the Tour de France, and beyond sheer excitement, a future USE of this will become evident....

With a story along the lines of the Jules Verne Novel 20,000 leagues Under the Sea, a compelling new way to live WITH the ocean will be discovered. Expect "Terra Farming" of the ocean bottom, mining without damage, and learning about the rivers that run along ocean bottoms, as well as the mechanisms of reclamation the OCEAN HAS FOR LAND BASED pollutions ( and what the ocean can not do). Chemistry under extreme pressure will be a new Fantasy future for the best and brightest in Universities....

What type of an economy could be created if the massive downcurrents falling into the Extreme Depths of the Marianas Trench, could be harnessed by an Underwater Hydro-Electric Plant generating the equivalent electricity of 100,000 surface based plants...This is a place where a water fall the size of Niagra Falls, would appear as a tiny drop of spray within the enormity of the waterfall along this deep sea trench.

What new forms of medical manufacturing could take place where this amount of pressure was available to drive chemical processes? This being a place where the costs of sea floor manufacturing plants could be dwarfed by the potential profits.